Destination Bracelets

Emerald Isle Destination Bracelet

The Emerald Isle Destination Bracelet is a favorite of those that love the peace, tranquility and natural beauty of Emerald Isle, North Carolina. The Emerald Isle Destination bracelet is available in 14k yellow gold, 14k white gold or sterling silver. The stylized script 'E' is interlocked with an 'I' represented by the famous Cape Lookout Lighthouse. The five yellow gold bands represent the beautiful five square miles of Emerald Isle. Take home this exclusive bracelet as a reminder of your fun-filled days on the beautiful Emerald Isle coast.

Atlantic Beach Destination Bracelet

We are pleased to be the exclusive designer of the Atlantic Beach Destination Bracelet. It is available in sterling silver and 14K gold. An "A" topped by the likeness of Fort Macon represents the historical and maritime heritage of the area, while a "B" crowned with a beach umbrella symbolizes ten miles of pristine pleasure. The two gold bands at top and bottom represent the Atlantic Ocean and Bogue Sound which border Atlantic Beach. Our bracelet is a perfect symbol of your visit to our lovely Atlantic Beach!

Cape Lookout Destination Bracelet

The Cape Lookout Bracelet is a wonderful way to remember your trip over to Cape Lookout. A "C" is hooked by an "L" bearing the likeness of teh Cape Lookout lighthouse, a beacon of safety to sailors in days past. The six bands of 14K gold represent the other six lighthouses along the North Carolina coast.

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